Welcome to MAPAG!

Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (MAPAG) fireworks club. MAPAG is a fireworks club for hobby fireworks builders and rocket enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our club is modeled after other builders clubs such as Florida Pyrotechnics Arts Guild (FPAG), the Wisconsin Pyrotechnics Arts Guild (WPAG), and the Michigan Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (MPAG).

MAPAG is a fireworks manufacturing club. Manufacturing clubs function differently from display clubs like the Crackerjacks. To get an idea of what MAPAG is all about, check out the link titled What is MAPAG?. You can also get answers to common questions by reading our FAQ.

Taking on the formation of a new club has been a big job, and we have accomplished many things to get to this point. Here are a few highlights:

  • We incorporated the club as a not-for-profit club, filed for and received IRS certification as a 501(c)7 organization, established Bylaws, elected a board of dorectors, obtained 21 shoot permits for the 2013 season, obtained $2MM of liability and D&O insurance, and filed a ton of regulatory paperworks with various agencies.

  • We acquired and built out a 40 foot Type IV magazine, a Type II indoor magazine, built a 32x16 workshop, and obtained an in-process building for drying shells, stars, and other in-process components. We have several presses in our workshop, and a WASP machine for wraping paper ball shells. We also have a small collection of chemicals and paper tubes.

  • We applied for and received an ATF manufacturing license with a variance that allows our members with ATF licenses to use our club magazine to store their own materials. Our magazines have been inspected and approved by the ATF. We have also applied for Virginia State certification of our magazines.

  • We have approximately 70 members, and this is growing at a rate of five to ten new members each month. We have paid most of our bills, and we have a few dollars in the bank. The generosity of our members has been over the top.

  • The club has held a few events at the farm, and these events have been some of the best times any of us have ever had building fireworks. People are very friendly, and the land owner has been awesome to us.

Unless you are a PGI member, you cannot attend MAPAG as a guest. The good news is that membership in MAPAG is less than what it would cost you to be a guest at most other clubs in the area. Members can bring their significant other, children (any age), and parents to events with them. You can find out how to join MAPAG in the menu on the left side of the web page. You can also signup for the club email list by going to this web page:


You don't have to be a member to be on the club email list. However, we believe that once you see how awesome MAPAG is, you will want to signup. See you soon at one of our shoots.